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Giving Back

“Leave it just the way we found it,” my dad would say every time we camped or hiked. He was a passionate fisherman, forever in search of a mountain stream as filled with trout as it was empty of people. We had many harrowing and memorable adventures scrambling up and down canyons in search of deep pools, mostly without the aid of trails, because Dad thought trails would lead other fisherfolk to the same waters. He taught me to fish, hike cross-country, and backpack. He also taught me to leave a place just as we found it, such that no one would know we had been there, his own proto-version of leave no trace. As a result of his training, I have always worked to limit my impact on the places I’ve visited as much as possible, and I fully embrace the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace.

Adding to the critically important impact mitigation of Leave No Trace, I now want to actively give back to the special places I am fortunate to visit. Giving back feels like the logical next step for me, and so moving forward I am making a personal commitment to:

** If you are part of a conservation group and are interested in working together drop me a line, I’m always looking for opportunities to donate service in the areas of photography, graphic design, or web development.

A festive bunch of mylar balloons littering the floor of a lush forest

Mylar balloons found off trail near Gravel Pit Lake, and packed out. I find released balloons on at least half of my hikes.